"DAILY EARTH" y el curso en Martina Franca

The time for Vychissoise, soups and graten are not enough for her. The new diva of the vegetables bet for a new future as an artist. 'Disegnare, divorare, digerire, e un’altra volta disegnare'  is the name of her next apoitment with the inks, papers and a group of profesionals where she will do her first debut in the art scene. Acompanied with Violeta Lópiz and Cheff Marisa will start her dream and new job.

«Lucky». This is how Leek describes her life since she got the offer to go to Italy, Martina Franca, where she has been selected as a guest for an illustration course. This proposition was coming in the right moment when vegetables has also things to share and their voices are not only the voices of «ingredients» or «food». The new care for nutrition and slow food is making an important light spot in the garden. But Lucky Leek (this is how she likes to be called) was for many years the forgotten of the dishes and many cheffs have not given  her the  protagonism that she was waiting for. Trhough art, she is feeling release, complete and finally tasty. She would never be just: «the substitute of onion»

S. Did your farmer even take you to museums when you were young?
L. Well,(laughing) not really. My farmer was an artesan himself but in another way.  What he did every nigth was to come to the greenhouse and read us children books. He used to say that we were his family.

S.¿Are you bored of being cooked and eaten?
L. No, absolutly not. Who could be bored of being cut in slices, jumping in the oil, and being mixed with all your friends? This profesion has shown me so much about friendship and phisics. There is always a surprise coming after the fridge, you never know where you will end this time. Thought I hate to get rotten or burned.

S. But now you want to find your luck also out of the kitchen, why?
L. I think I was missing a bit of self expression, another attention. Honestly, I had always the impression that I was a suporting actriss. Many times I was substituing the onion and just few times the cookers dedicate me a  dish.

S. Even if you were carring vitamins, calcium and Potasium?
L. You know, nobody knows this things,  I was just giving a little taste or texture to some meals.

S. What about Vychissoise?
L. Yes, should be more Vychissoise in the tables, it´s just a prejudice that it is dificult to cook, I think is just because this french name that makes it too much snob. I love to be alone in the mouth of million of people, not only of  the most refined palate.

S. Is it just a coincidence that your debut in the art scene would be in Italy?
L. Not at all, Italy is taking care for me since centuries and I work for many italian mamas constantly. They are the best!

S. Soon, you will work with many illustrators, how are you preparing for it?
L. Well, I have tried diferent hair cuts. For some performance in the paper is absolutly necesary to have long hairs. I prepare my self to schock them in their mouth when they will try to eat me crude. But above all Im practicing my italian accent to meet the other leeks from the area: the «Porri Pugliesi»

S. Of course you work with Cheff Marisa many times, but with Violeta Lópiz?
L. Yes, and this is a very beautifull anecdote. When she was a girls she had many barbies. It was that time that people present dolls to girls and robots to boys... So, she had the barbies, and she was playing with them from time to time, she was making them clothes with babana peels, or even with the protection cover of the custard apple. She even cut them the hair! and so, one day she found me and she felt in love with my hairy roots, you can expect what happen next...

Interview by Samanta Socks

the illustration course in Martina Franca would be from the 7th till the 11th of September 

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